New York Fabricators L.L.C. is the manufacturer of a wide range of high-grade decorative stainless steel and SS furniture products. Through technology sharing and production linkages with the leading stainless steel manufacturers and close cooperation with partners in the domestic arena, New York Fabricators L.L.C. aims to consistently elevate its manufacturing capabilities, thus turning innovative ideas in to reality.

New York Fabricators L.L.C. brand has made headway into the domestic market as well as neighboring GCC countries by supplying cost-effective products, together with value-added services encompassing the widest range of stainless steel products available in the industry today. Its roster of customers includes major brand names and market leaders in their respective industries. The company has a professional production team consisting of experienced Engineers and highly trained technicians, who always ensure delivery of world-class products with unsurpassed quality of workmanship.

New York Fabricators L.L.C. is committed to put all its efforts towards a hard-nosed performance oriented management bordering on the fundamental ethos of trust. The company realizes that it is not enough to simply identify customer needs and then meet it. Business needs to anticipate what the customer needs and then deliver it. Those who do it better, perform better. Thus, practical innovation coupled with passion for excellence would continue to be New York Fabricators L.L.C.’s guiding philosophy.

What is “Stainless Steel”?

‘Stainless’ is a term coined early in the development of these steels for cutlery applications.  It was adopted as a generic name for these steels and now covers a wide range of steel types and grades for corrosion or oxidation resistant applications.

Stainless steels are iron alloys with a minimum of 10.5% chromium. Other alloying elements are added to enhance their structure and properties such as formability, strength and cryogenic toughness.  These include metals such as:

  • Nickel
  • Molybdenum
  • Titanium
  • Copper

Non-metal additions are also made, the main ones being:

  • Carbon
  • Nitrogen

The main requirement for stainless steels is that they should be corrosion resistant for a specified application or environment. The selection of a particular “type” and “grade” of stainless steel must initially meet the corrosion resistance requirements.  Additional mechanical or physical properties may also need to be considered to achieve the overall service performance requirements.


To become a synonym in the Stainless Steel Fabrication Industry while helping our customers to fulfill their needs.


To grow through superior customer service, deliver innovative solutions to customers with the most competitive price for the products of unsurpassed quality and workmanship, and outperform our peers in the industry with commitment.